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L-Acoustics to Distribute Mixhalo with L-ISA 3.0

Mixhalo’s technology will come pre-loaded as part of L-Acoustics’ spatial audio ecosystem, L-ISA 3.0.


San Francisco, CA (May 15, 2023)—Startup Mixhalo has been steadily gaining attention for its wireless networking technology for concerts in recent years. Designed to send real-time spatial audio to fans in the audience via their own smartphones and headphones, the technology debuted shortly before the pandemic, and the company took a major step forward when L-Acoustics became an investor in late 2021. Now that partnership is expanding further—and Mixhalo stands to become far more readily available—with today’s announcement that Mixhalo’s technology will come pre-loaded as part of L-Acoustics’ spatial audio ecosystem, L-ISA 3.0.

The latest edition of L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound spatial audio processing technology will include Mixhalo as the first external application to be offered for the L-ISA Processor II. Clients using the L-ISA Processor II will be able to use Mixhalo to deliver low-latency spatial audio to listeners’ phones, where the audio will automatically and dynamically time-align with loudspeakers to complement a PA system.

Mixhalo Raises $24 Million; Investors Include L-Acoustics

The Mixhalo technology has a variety of potential uses, from in-concert uses such as L-ISA spatial audio over headphones, augmenting the audio in areas of a venue that are difficult to reach or providing users with specialized content such as a guitar-centric mix, to non-concert uses such as real-time sports play-by-play coverage or foreign language interpretation.

The move is expected to raise Mixhalo’s visibility within the industry due to L-Acoustics’ global sales team and worldwide distribution network. Additionally, whereas Mixhalo has historically relied on on-site engineers to deploy and custom-configure hardware, the partnership with L-Acoustics will allow Mixhalo to simplify the deployment of its technology and transition to a pure SaaS model.