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Pro Tools 2024.3 Adds New Ways to Work With MIDI

Software update introduces MIDI effect plug-ins, plus MIDI copy-and-paste functionality between Pro Tools and Sibelius.

Burlington, Mass., (March 8, 2024)—Avid has enhanced its Pro Tools audio production software, introducing significant new MIDI capabilities, including support for MIDI effect plug-ins and MIDI copy-and-paste functionality between Pro Tools and its music notation app Sibelius. 

This latest release also delivers the ability to print and monitor live Dolby Atmos re-renders, numerous Pro Tools Sketch enhancements, and detachable Melodyne and Clip Effects tabs, while also supporting the latest Apple macOS, Sonoma 14.3.

Support for MIDI Effect Plug-ins

Pro Tools now supports AAX MIDI effect plug-ins. Users can tweak and automate a range of MIDI effects, from triggering notes and modifying velocity and pitch, to generating musical riffs, rhythms and arpeggiations. The release also expands the Pro Tools MIDI signal flow to enable routing within the same track, between tracks, and even between plug-ins.

The 2024.3 release comes with a collection of its own MIDI effect plug-ins—Note Stack, Velocity Control and Pitch Control—as well as a collection of plug-ins developed with partners including Audiomodern Riffer 3, Modalics EON-Arp, and Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper. All are available to those with a Pro Tools paid subscription or upgrade plan.

MIDI Copy-and-Paste

Pro Tools 2024.3 now enables users to copy and paste MIDI to and from Sibelius (version 2024.3 and later), enabling composers to save days of work previously spent creating musical compositions from scratch in parallel applications. 

MIDI can simply be copied from Pro Tools into the public clipboard and then pasted into Sibelius with all relevant MIDI information, including notes, pitch, note duration, timing/position in clip, and continuous controller data across the clip or clips. Conversely, passage selections can be copied from Sibelius with all relevant data and pasted directly into Pro Tools. 

Dolby Atmos Custom Live Re-renders

This release also updates the new internal Pro Tools Dolby Atmos renderer to support custom live re-renders from binaural up to 9.1.6. Users can now independently monitor different configurations, apply limiting, and easily QC and export stems—all within Pro Tools.

Other New Pro Tools 2024.3 Features 

To provide users with the best experience, Pro Tools 2024.3 now supports the latest version of Apple’s macOS, Sonoma 14.3. It also comes with enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities between the Pro Tools Sketch window and Pro Tools timeline, and adds new content and recording workflows to the free Sketch iPad app. 

Pro Tools 2024.3 is available to all Pro Tools users, whether on an active subscription, a perpetual license with a current Upgrade Plan, or through Pro Tools Intro. For more information on Pro Tools, click here. For more information and to download Pro Tools Sketch at no charge, please visit