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Australian Monitor MX61, MX81

The MX61 and MX81 boast six (MX61, pictured) or eight (MX81) channels of whisper-quiet preamplification in a single rackspace with the ability to switch between XLR line-level, XLR mic-level (with or without phantom power) or dual RCA inputs. Both units feature a recessed trim control (+/-15 dB), a dual color signal-present indication LED, and 100Hz and 10kHz shelving EQs on each channel. Users can configure input one as pre- or post-master so that it can serve as an override or emergency paging channel. A single line-level XLR provides master volume controlled output, while dual-mono RCA jacks provide a record output that is unaffected by the EQs or the master volume. A headphone output is internally switchable to be pre- or post-master.

Both the MX61 and MX81 will operate on 110 VAC or on 24 VDC via an external power source. Optional remote VCA, tone generator or muting boards are available.

The units will be distributed by Sennheiser, For additional information, visit