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Autumn Hill Studios Completes Renovation

Franklin, N.C.-based Autumn Hill Studios recently completed an extensive renovation with extensive upgrades, including the addition of Blue Sky’s Sky System One 2.1 monitoring system as the studio’s main monitoring platform.

Owner Jeff Laurence Gill, also a widely recognized voice talent, is planning to acquire another set of Blue Sky 2.1 monitors for a second edit suite that he plans to open at Autumn Hill Studios later this fall.

Autumn Hill Studios has been a leading independent producer of commercial radio and television sound for more than a decade. Between 2005 and 2006, the studio plans to launch the new Gulf Stream Motorhome, which will be fully equipped with Wheatstone Audioarts R55/9 console, Denon CD cart decks, Neumann mics and additional equipment provided by SCMS in Charlotte, N.C., according to Lawrence’s Website,