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Bob Bullock Opens New Carl Tatz Design MixRoom in Nashville

TEC Award-winning studio designer Carl Tatz (left) and multi-award-winning engineer/producer Bob Bullock.

Multiple award-winning engineer/producer and educator Bob Bullock chose the TEC Award-Winning firm Carl Tatz Design (CTD) for a third time to design his latest studio, Cool Springs Mix. Retrofitted into a former unused above-garage family room and study, it is Bullock’s most expansive studio space to date.

The studio includes a spacious control room featuring CTD MixRoom technology with PhantomFocus System (PFS) using a custom application of the Carl Tatz Signature Series by Auralex family of control room acoustic modules. Studio furniture was provided by Argosy Console and highlighted by a Mahogany Dual 15-800 from the new Argosy Carl Tatz Edition line of studio workstations. Monitors are Dynaudio Professional M1s powered with a Bryston 4B SST2.

Cool Springs Mix Skylight Platinum Lounge

Adjacent to the MixRoom is a client space dubbed “The Skylight Platinum Lounge”, which is lined with Bullock’s awards,  a client amenity in which artists and producers can relax while Bullock works.

“This is Carl’s best studio yet for me, and I could not be happier with all aspects, including the insanely impressive PFS,” says Bullock. “My only complaint is that the room is so beautifully comfortable, I have a hard time getting clients to leave after we’re done working.”

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