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Boca Raton Church Spec’s VENUEs

Florida’s Boca Raton Community Church recently installed two Digidesign VENUE live sound environments: one for its main FOH and one for its state-of-the-art recording studio.

“The VENUE console has more analog-like control than most other digital consoles allow and that is very attractive,” says Mike Hedden of db Audio & Video, which installed the console. “VENUE’s easier learning curve allows more volunteers to become involved in service. The console’s power, ease of operation and flexibility allows a wide range of operator aptitudes. In other words, you don’t have to go to a three-day training class just to get started. The ease of operation also permits quick adjustments that are a regular part of a worship service, unlike, say, a Broadway/Vegas production that hits cues on every move.

“The fact that anyone can start mixing and have enormous flexibility with regards to plug-ins and Pro Tools interfaces is huge,” continues Hedden, “and the desk just sounds wonderful. A majority of your time at a worship service is spent listening in a quiet room, so sound quality is huge!”

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