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CRAS Gets Wired With Gepco

CRAS students learn their way around the console, wired with Gepco cable.

For its newest facility, located in Gilbert, Ariz. the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences used Gepco cable when installing the state-of-the-art audio equipment in its 6,000 square-foot live sound room, three analog studios and digital studio.

“We have 19 runs of 8-pair in each studio,” stated Dale Epperson, head engineer for the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, who was responsible for overseeing studio installations at Gilbert. “We used it for everything. When using Gepco with connectors, the cabling stays in place, it’s easy to work with and the insulation doesn’t shrink back. Soldering into an XLR connector with Gepco cables is a lot easier than with many other companies, which have poor strain relief and are real soft, making it harder to set into place.”

Throughout the four studios and live sound room, interconnected via tie-lines, lies more than 8,000 feet of Gepco’s 8-pair snake cable, which is connected to sound equipment used by the Conservatory’s students, including Yamaha, Soundcraft, and Neotek Elite consoles, and Otari, Alesis, and Sony recorders. In addition to supplying the 8-pair snake cable, Gepco provided the Conservatory with Neutrik connectors, DL connectors, microphone cable, low-capacitance instrument cable and breakout cables.

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