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Dynacord Travels to Hawaii

For the recent Diamond Head Crater Celebration in Hawaii, Creative SoundCustom Audio Hawaii supplied 12 Dynacord Power-H 5000 amps loaded with RCM-26 IRIS-Net DSP modules and two Electro-Voice UCC-1 USB-to-CAN bus interfaces. The event featured headliners Earth Wind and Fire and the debut of Mick Fleetwood’s Island Rumours band.

According to Creative SoundCustom Audio’s Jeff Kang, “Once we heard Power-H at the Pro Bowl, we knew we had to upgrade. The sheer tonality, speed and stability of Power-H is phenomenal, and I tried them on everything—passive monitors, bi-amped boxes, everything. And that’s not to mention the headroom built into these amps, which is incredible in proportion to their size and weight. We built our Power-H racks a couple of months ago and continue to be impressed every time we use them. Lots of amps offer big wattage, but none sound this good.

“The RCM-26 DSP modules make my life a lot easier,” Kang adds, “onboard processing streamlines the rig and its operation, and brings seamless compatibility to the digital desks we’re using more and more at monitor position. The signal goes analog to digital once, straight through the amp and sounding great—simplicity with complete control. Also, with the capabilities of IRIS-Net, we have the freedom to use different monitors for each act from the same amp using presets, an idea that was not even dreamt of until we started using the Power-H with a RCM-26. The Crater Celebration was our first big show with the new racks, and every engineer who heard Power-H on the monitor system simply said, ‘Wow’—that’s the standard response to these amps!”

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