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EastWest Announces Winner of Movie-Scoring Contest

EastWest founder Doug Rogers announced that Christian Ring’s “Egolution” is the winning composition of the virtual instrument company’s “Create a Score for This Short Movie” contest. For his winning entry, Ring will receive all six new EastWest PLAY products.

Using predominately EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instruments, contestants were given a little more than a month to create a composition based on the concept of an original short movie created by Zennor Alexander.
Ring’s composition incorporated EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold PRO XP, Quantum Leap Stormdrum, Percussive Adventures 2, ProSamples 49 and Symphonic Choirs. The driving beats and solemn tone of “Egolution” set the mood for the digital wasteland that Alexander created.

“The challenging short provided by Zennor really put our users and EastWest’s virtual instrument lines to the test,” says Rogers. “EastWest’s vast selection of instruments is easily adaptable to each composer’s particular style, resulting in ultra-realistic compositions that are as unique as its creator.”

As winner of the contest, Ring will receive all six new EastWest PLAY products: Fab Four Virtual Instrument, a collection of sounds inspired by The Beatles; Quantum Leap Gypsy, a collection of Gypsy-style virtual instruments; Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock, a 20GB collection of rock drums, basses and guitars; Quantum Leap Voices of Passion, a virtual instrument of female vocalists from the U.S., Bulgaria, Syria, India and Wales; Quantum Leap Pianos, a collection of the world’s finest grand pianos; and Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2—The Next Generation, the sequel to Stormdrum.

EastWest also named five runners-up: “Fallen Soul,” by Ernest Talaga; “Grey’s Elegy,” by Dean Valentine; “Sunny Side Up,” by Brent Busby; “Digital Loneliness,” by Alin Oprea; and “Polygonic,” by Dean Krommydas. Each runner-up will receive one EastWest PLAY product of their choice.

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