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Engineer Richard King Chooses Genelec 8050A Monitors

Richard King, a former Sony Studios engineer who is noted for his work on film scores, classical and jazz recordings, recently set up his own high-end editing suite, RK Recording LLC, at his home just outside New York City. King reports that he relies heavily on Genelec 8050A bi-amplified active monitors in his new facility.

King has earned multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Classical Album for his work with Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Bell. He has also recorded Tony Award-winning cast albums, including Grey Gardens. His film score work includes Robert DeNiro’s The Good Shepherd and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, whose score earned both a Grammy Award and an Academy Award. King has also worked with Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Placido Domingo and John Corigliano.

“With these types of recordings, I’ve sometimes used the very expensive, very heavy audiophile speakers,” he says. “But what I’ve found is that the Genelec 8050A monitor gives much of that same incredible sound but in a portable, self-powered speaker. They are full-range, with surprisingly good low-frequency response for a small speaker and a tweeter that is not over-hyped, which is important for classical recordings. The mid-range is also completely accurate. As a result, the 8050A has become my reference standard, in the field and in the studio.”

King most recently used the Genelec 8050A on the first solo record by Victoria Clark, star of Broadway’s Light in the Piazza, as well as a complex 5.1 location recording of the University of Texas concert orchestra and marching band. “For any project, the 8050A is very versatile,” he says. “It’s like having a cross between a pro audio studio reference monitor and an audiophile home speaker. It’s truly a great speaker.”

King also works with multiple Grammy-award winning producer Steven Epstein, known for his extensive Broadway and classical recordings. “Steven and I have worked on many projects together using Genelec and he liked them so much that he purchased a pair of 8050As for his personal editing suite—and that speaks volumes.”

The Genelec 8050A is part of the Genelec 8000 Series of bi-amplified active monitors.

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