Garbage Gets Smart for New Album

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Garbage’s longtime engineer, Billy Bush, recently wrapped up the band’s latest album, Bleed Like Me, which hit the U.S. April 12. The group recorded at Smart Studios, co-owned by Garbage member/producer Butch Vig, located in Madison, Wis.

Smart’s tracking room features a vintage Trident A Range 40-input console, Pro Tools HD3 Accel and a wide range of outboard gear, including the recently purchase Eventide H8000A processor. “We’ve been using Eventide effects forever. We have three H3000s in the studio, use an Eclipse™ for live shows, and I have one of the first Orville™ units ever made—probably serial number 00002,” jokes Bush.

“I do a lot of analog processing,” he adds. “The H8000A gave me the horsepower I needed to run more complex algorithms using both processing engines together on massive effects.”

In addition to the recent H8000A, Bush has also embraced Eventide’s fast-growing plug-ins products for Digidesign TDM Pro Tools. “I picked up the Band Delays plug-in this fall and it became a quick staple to my work,” says Bush. “All the Eventide Pro Tools plug-ins are the bomb. They’ve got all the functions of the hardware units I’ve used for years in a software application without compromising a thing.”

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