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Harry Potter Soundtrack Receives 5.1 Treatment

The 5.1 mixes for the soundtrack to the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, set for release in November, were recently completed at Red Kite Studios in Wales, England, by engineer Matt Howe.

Tracks for the soundtrack, which features both Radiohead and Jarvis Cocker, were recorded at Westside Studios in London with producer Mike Hedges. After they were accepted for the film, Howe converted the stereo stems to 5.1 surround mixes. To accomplish this, he used his own Pro Tools HD system in conjunction with the Prism Sound ADA-8 converters.

“I first experienced Prism Sound [ADA-8] converters while I was working at Metropolis,” Howe says. “I like that they are neutral and transparent—nothing is added to the sound, and nothing is taken away. This is important if you are making a copy, because you want the sound to remain identical to the original. If I want color I’ll use an effect. I certainly don’t want to be getting it from any converters.

“Another advantage of the ADA-8 is that is has a modular configuration, so you can build your system to whatever specification you want,” Howe adds. “In my case I have three units—two with eight inputs and eight outputs and one with 16 outputs because I need more output channels for the kind of work I do. However, if I were recording an orchestra, for example, where there would be a requirement for more inputs it would be very easy to configure the ADA-8 chassis to suit.”

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