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ZR Acoustics Launches Zona di Silenzio Portable Acoustic Treatment

ZR Acoustics has introduced the Zona di Silenzio, a specialized portable acoustic treatment for recording vocals.

Zona di Silenzio
Zona di Silenzio

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (July 22, 2021)—ZR Acoustics, a division of Delta H Design Inc., has introduced the Zona di Silenzio, a specialized portable acoustic treatment for recording vocals in less than ideal circumstances.

Intended for use in recording projects like podcasts, audiobooks and vocal tracking, Zona di Silenzio measures 2’ square and 3” thick, and unfolds into two panels each 1.5” thick, weighing 24.5 lbs in total. The device comes in acoustically transparent black textile, but other, optional textiles for use on the Zona dI Silenzio are available, including Maharam, Knoll, Luna and Pallas.

Tech Spotlight: Acoustic Materials

According to a company statement, the device works due to “Control of Air.  As sound rides on air, control of air means control of sound.” All ZR (Zero Resolution) designs and products are based around what it refers to as Quantum Acoustics, suggesting that since both electrons and air molecules exhibit quantum behavior, they likewise obey the same rules of quantum physics.

Applying those rules to the company’s acoustical products, it says, has led to a line of “devices” that reduce poor intelligibility, resonances, reverberation, echoes, standing waves, bass building up in corners and continuously variable frequency responses at different amplitudes. Since it opens to create a quiet, compact space for recording vocals anywhere, it creates a “Zone of Silence” in which to record; according to ZR Acoustics, it has more than 45,000 times greater acoustic resolution than traditional studio and panel design.

The product lists for $1799.00, plus shipping & handling.