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IK Multimedia Releases T-RackS Mic Room

Studio Microphone Modeling Tool for Mac and PC

IK Multimedia’s T-RackS Mic Room ($69.99) for Mac and PC is a microphone-modeling module that is designed to be placed on individual tracks in a larger mix that contains recorded audio from a microphone source. With a collection of more than 20 classic and contemporary models to choose from, its selection covers microphone types including condensers, dynamics, ribbons and more.

The company states that each of Mic Room’s microphone models has been meticulously re-created to convey accuracy and detail. Each model promises the frequency response, nuanced character and specific sound of its physical counterpart. The module presents harmonically complex tube condensers, aggressive dynamics and velvety smooth ribbon mics, plus an assortment of other options.

T-RackS Mic Room can be used either inside T-RackS or as a stand-alone plug-in. Once placed on a track, T-RackS Mic Room lets users choose the “source” microphone that was actually used to capture the original audio from a list of all the available models in the module. Users can then choose a new microphone to change the character of an original recorded track to match the specific nuance, color and tonal character of a preferred mic tmodel. Each microphone model’s sound can be adjusted via an intuitive graphic interface with an easy-to-read level meter and touch-and-drag gain knob.

T-RackS Mic Room also comes equipped with extra tone control features. 

Mic Room works best when paired with iRig Mic Studio, iRig Pro DUO, iRig PRO, iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic and other quality microphones and interfaces from IK Multimedia.

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