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Kentucky Arts Center Adds Klark Teknik to Arsenal

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville, Ky., recently added a rack of four Klark Teknik DN1248 Plus active analog microphone splitters to its equipment list, which also features five Midas mixing consoles (Venice 320, XL200, Heritage 1000, Heritage 2000, Heritage 3000). An additional rack with a single DN1248 Plus is also on hand.

“We handle everything from presidential conventions to rock concerts to lectures, along with a handful of annual television broadcasts, so we need a mic splitter to deliver reliability, high sound quality and flexibility,” says David Doukas, the Center’s audio department manager. “And as a Midas house, we’ve set ourselves a high sonic benchmark, so the Klark Teknik DN1248 Plus splitters—having Midas Heritage–derived preamps and, being the ‘FM’ version, balanced transformers on every output—were the obvious choice. No other product could offer the sonic clarity we’re used to here.”

Doukas and head audio engineer Ted Subotky (pictured) assembled four DN1248 Plus splitters in a custom rack with high-end multiconnectors. The rack is wired with all four sets of 48 outputs interconnected, ready for splitting into any number of FOH, monitor, recording and multipurpose mic configurations. Also included is a high-quality rackmounted powered monitor, configured to PFL any of the 48 splitter channels utilizing the Solo Link feature of the DN1248 Plus splitter.

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