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Klein + Hummel O 300

Klein + Hummel introduced the O 300 ($2,495 each) triamplified, three-way near-field studio reference monitor at AES 2006 in San Francisco. The O 300 is said to deliver the same sound quality found in the company’s O 300 D, minus the digital input and control hardware.

Klein + Hummel molded the waveguides directly into the baffle by using a dense, low-resonance material called LRIM. The elliptical shape of the high-frequency horn is said to make the dispersion angle in the vertical plane narrower and reduce the amount of early reflections off the console surface. The effective horizontal listening area is also widened. The use of LRIM has also made it possible to align the acoustic centers of the two drivers exactly on one plane, parallel to the baffle, promising to prevent time and phase-coherency problems at the crossover frequencies, and allowing the individual drivers to work together.

The unit’s 8-inch cone woofer has long-excursion voice coil and is made of a special lightweight polypropylene material. A treated fabric dome with a 3-inch voice coil handles the midrange. The 1-inch high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome, and has been matched to its elliptical waveguide.

All three drivers are magnetically shielded, permitting placement of the speakers directly next to video monitors or computers. O 300 is available in anthracite finish as standard; optional silver, white and custom colors are also available.

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