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Touring Video Inc. Installs Klein + Hummel Monitors

Touring Video Inc., a remote multi-camera video production company based in Southern California, has installed Klein + Hummel O 300 D three-way, self-powered near-field monitor loudspeakers in its flagship TV-3 HD/SDI remote truck. The truck is currently being used on a number of prime-time network productions, including the NBC game shows Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100.

Touring Video president Doug Armstrong has been very pleased with the performance of the stereo pair of K+H O 300 D speakers since they were installed in the audio room of the TV-3 truck a few months ago. “We especially like their wide frequency range and smoothness to the ears,” he says. “We also think that mechanically they’re a very soundly built speaker cabinet with all the proper mounting hardware options needed for mobile applications.

“Because of the quality and pleasantness of their sound, we are intending to replace all of the loudspeakers in our TV-3 truck with various K+H reference monitors, including both the O 200 and O 100 models,” Armstrong adds. “When we mix in 5.1, the truck will use the O 100s with a K+H subwoofer, the O 800, to complete the surround sound package.”

Armstrong reports that the K+H O 300 D monitor speakers were first introduced to Touring Video following the recommendation of one of the broadcast industry’s top audio engineers, Klaus Landsberg. “His endorsements on these speakers pushed us in the direction to look at them seriously,” Armstrong says.

For more information, visit Klein + Hummel’s exclusive U.S. distributor, Sennheiser USA, at, and