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‘Superman Returns’ With Klein + Hummel

Photo credit: Todd Black

“The Man of Steel” makes his long-awaited return to the big screen at the end of June with a little help from Klein + Hummel. Casey Stone (pictured) mixed the original soundtrack for Superman Returns, composed by John Ottman, in 5.1 for the theater and in stereo for the CD release using the Klein + Hummel monitor setup that he has been using for more than two years.

“I’m using the O 300 Ds for left-center-right and an O 800 subwoofer,” explains Stone. “I’m using some two-way O 110 near-fields for the surrounds.”

Ottman’s score for the summer blockbuster was recorded at Todd-AO and mixed at Warner Bros. Studios (both in L.A.) and went to the re-recording stage to be readied for its June 30 release.

Stone initially started out with just the three O 300 Ds at the end of 2003. “Surprisingly enough, I bought them without ever hearing them,” he reveals. “The company was not very well known, but they had an ad in Mix magazine, a close-up of the O 300. I could see that it was a compact speaker with a tri-amped, three-way design, which is kind of unique. I saw that nice, bulbous midrange dome and I just knew the speaker was going to sound good.

“They sound like they look: beautiful,” Stone continues. “They are accurate—not in the sense that there’s any gold standard for what a speaker should sound like; I just mean that you can hear the details of your mix. The speaker doesn’t obscure things.”

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