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Dave Matthews Band Records New Album Using Klein + Hummel Monitors

Two pairs of Klein + Hummel near-field monitors were installed at Haunted Hollow Studios in Charlottesville, Va., a private facility where the next Dave Matthews Band full-length release is currently in production. A pair of O 300D active three-way reference monitors were set up for use in the B room, which is typically used for songwriting and vocal recording, while a pair of O 110 two-way near-field monitors were acquired for the main tracking and mix room.

So far, according to engineer Steven Miller, the two new sets of monitors have proved to be important tools during the early stages of the production for the Dave Matthews Band’s next release, the follow up to its 2005 Platinum album, Stand Up. “I’m using the O 110s in the main room when I really want to work super-quiet,” Miller says.

Mark Batson, the band’s producer and a co-songwriter, has been using the O 300 D monitors in his room while working with Matthews. The monitors, which incorporate three separate power amplifiers custom tailored to each driver and produce 112.8dB SPL, have been getting a good workout, Miller reports. “Mark is playing those speakers as loud as we play the bigger speakers in the room. I didn’t think those monitors went that loud!”

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