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Lenny Kravitz Bassist Purchases API DSM

Jack Daley in his personal production studio, outfitted with an API DSM

Longtime Lenny Kravitz sideman and session bass player Jack Daley has outfitted his personal production studio with the first API Discrete Summing Mixer (DSM) in the U.S., the company reports. The 19-inch rack system—essentially a mini API console—is configured with 72 input channels. Additionally the API DSM incorporates the company’s API 2500 discrete 2-channel stereo bus compressor.

The API DSM, designed to complement DAWs by providing analog summing, mixing, control room switching/monitoring, TT patchbay and a complete set of I/O connections, is installed with Daley’s Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 rig at his studio. “It’s like the master section and returns of a console,” he explains. “You can mix out of Pro Tools with the analog sound of an API desk. It also has a bus compressor and a full patchbay, so you can incorporate a lot of other analog stuff.”

The DSM also incorporates an API meter bridge panel, an API 7800 discrete 4-bus console master and outfitted with nine API 8200 modules, each with eight inputs, level and pan controls, mute, AFL solo, two aux send level controls and an insert I/O button.

The new API mixer provides Daley with easy access to his array of analog outboard gear. “I have this desk, plus a rack of API mic pre’s and EQs,” he explains. “I have another rack of Neve 1081s. API and Neve are my two favorites. There’s another rack with all Manley gear. And I mix to a Studer half-inch. It’s a small room, but it’s pretty decked out. It’s a good little studio. It’s been my project for the last year-and-a-half.”

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