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Moog Music Minimoog Voyager V3.0

Moog Music has announced Version 3.0 (V3.0) for the Minimoog Voyager. V3.0 extends the current single bank of 128 presets to seven banks of 128 presets each for a total of 896 user accessible presets. V3.0 is available for all Voyager editions produced including the Signature, Performer, Anniversary, Electric Blue and the Rack Mount.

Of the 896 user-accessible presets, 704 come pre-loaded with patches from Nigel Hopkins, Brian Kehew, Will Alexander, Bernie Worrell, Drew Newmann, Amos Gaynes, Steve Dunnington, Aron Magner, Chad Hugo, Darrell Diaz, Frank Lucas, Fred Wreck, Gabrial McNair, Geoffrey Keezer, Herbie Hancock, Khari Simmons, James Lumb, Jamie Muhoberac, Joseph Rivers, Neil Palmer, Printz Board, Randy Cantor, Rick Wakeman, Mark Kline, Zon Vern Pyles and Thomas Wolf.

Additionally, Version 3.0 allows the external mixer knob to have a second function; rapid changing of presets. V3.0 reportedly improves MIDI interfacing with older MIDI gear. It allows users to send either 7- or 14-bit resolution from the mod wheel and reduce the amount of MIDI data being sent from the touch surface.

V3.0 is available immediately for U.S. customers as a return to Factory Upgrade for $325. (Customer pays shipping to and from Moog. Call for an RMA# prior to returning your Voyager to Moog.)

Beginning October 1, 2005, Moog will also offer the upgrade as a Field Upgrade that users can perform themselves for $225.

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