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× “Platinum Rhythmz” for Akai MPC has released the new Platinum Rhythmz 1 drum loop library for the Akai MPC1000/2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 drum samplers. delivers 400 drum loops, engineered and mixed to perfection. Rhythmic styles range widely from hardcore hip hop classics to unheard of drum rhythms.

Platinum Rhythmz 1 is organized into four tempos: 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm and 102bpm. Each tempo group contains 25 original loop styles including four variation loops within each style: Main, Break1, Break2, and Fill, totaling 400 loops across the entire library.

The Platinum Rhythmz 1 library is offered as two separate sets for the Akai MPC2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 and as one complete set for the MPC1000. Sets are available on MPC Zip Disk, MPC CD-ROM and download. Prices start at $29.95.

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