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Nathaniel Kunkel Mixes Lyle Lovett’s New Album

Lyle Lovett (left) and percussionist James Gilmer are pictured outside Nathaniel Kunkel’s Studio Without Walls. Photo: David Goggin.

Singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett (pictured at left with percussionist James Gilmer) mixed his new album, It’s Not Big It’s Large, with engineer Nathaniel Kunkel at Ocean Way Recording and nearby at Kunkel’s Studio Without Walls. Almost 21 years after Lovett released his first album, the new album scored personal bests on both the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums charts.

Lovett explains the title of his new album: “We’ve always done arrangements that border on blues music, that border on jazz arrangements, that border on what folks might think of as ‘big band,’ but we don’t really play big band music. We’ve always had a lot of people in the band so that’s why I call the band ‘the Large Band’ and not ‘the Big Band.’ “

“Lyle is, simply put, an amazing talent,” says Kunkel.  “We have been working together for around 17 years and his personal quest for complete quality shows no signs of dissipating. His sheer talent and personal performance standards truly set his place as a performer above just about everyone else.”

It’s Not Big It’s Large features a dramatic interpretation of the traditional work song “Ain’t No More Cane.” Lovett is at his sardonic best on the jukebox tune “All Downhill” and the dreamy, slow waltz “South Texas Girl.”

“Throughout this entire project, he was a constant barometer for quality, class and musicianship,” Kunkel continues. “That is something I always miss being in the presence of when we finish. That, combined with what I consider to be some of his best writing ever, made this album one of the most musical and completely enjoyable experiences I have ever had. Of course, anyone who has ever met Lyle also knows he is one of the rare true gentlemen in the world, much less the music business. I am proud to call him a friend.”

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