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NYC MixCon 2017

Free Mixing Expertise From Top Engineers — July 8-9!

New York, NY – Sonicscoop, in partnership with The Deli Magazine are excited to announce that the 2017 edition of MixCon, the educational event for audio aficionados, studio pros, producers and musicians will be held at Manhattan Center Studios, a legendary NYC facility that’s conveniently located at 34th Street and 8th Avenue. 


Mixcon is a free educational event for musicians and aspiring producers/mixing engineers. Its goal is to advise them on the art of mixing, the science it’s based upon, and the techniques elite engineers employ to shape the sounds in the directions they envision, and to make them coexist in a balanced fashion.


Mixcon is organized in “Mix Walk-Throughs,” during which top notch producers (on a stage with a DAW projected on a screen) “walk” the audience through a song they previously mixed, highlighting the specific challenges they encountered and how they resolved them.  


Located at 34th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, the Grand Ballroom of Manhattan Center Studios is MixCon central this year: A larger venue than ever, with better sound, better lighting, better projection, and even an open bar at 7:30pm Saturday July 8th to help celebrate the event, courtesy of MCS.

But we’re not only taking over the stage. The Manhattan Center’s two incredible large-scale, world-class studios will be open for the event as well: The legendary Log Cabin, as well as a newly-renovated and upgraded Studio 7, which will be making its premiere to the general public.


MixCon 2017 is scheduled for July 8-9, doors at 11 AM both days.. 


Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams)

Bob Power (Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, India Aire)

Joey Raia (Run The Jewels, EL-P, Killer Mike, Aesop Rock)

Rich Chyiki (Rush, Dream Theater, Jeff Healey, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith)

Marc Urselli (Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Mike Patton, John Zorn)

Leslie Braithwhite (Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown)

You can sign up for FREE here.