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Pharrell Williams Tours with Sound Image, Adamson System

Pharrell Williams’ fall 2014 Dear Girl Tour through Europe kicked off in Manchester, England, on September 9, with support from Sound Image out of Escondido, Calif., and a full Adamson sound reinforcement system provided by Wigwam Acoustics, based in the UK. Williams’ front-of-house engineer, Kyle Hamilton, says he specifically chose the Adamson Energia line arrays to support performances at major arenas throughout Europe.

“They asked me what P.A. I preferred when we were preparing for the tour and I immediately chose Adamson,” Hamilton says. “It’s the system I always wanted to tour with. I couldn’t let that type of opportunity go by, it was definitely Adamson.”

The main P.A. comprised left-right line arrays each made up of 15 E15 and three E12 enclosures. Outfill was provided by two more line arrays, comprising 12 E12s followed by four SpekTrix enclosures. Low end was handled by 20 T21 subwoofers: eight subwoofers stacked under each array with four located in the center of the stage. Two more SpekTrix enclosures on top of the left-right sub stacks handles front fill duties.

“The E15 sounds exceptional—all of the nuances in the mid-range are extremely clear,” adds Hamilton. “I hear actual notation, not just a lot of rumbling. The clarity is incredible. It’s like being able to see everything in a picture. The Energia system has incredible depth. And the T21 subs have a lot of horsepower. I was amazed. Once I got them dialed in they were terrific and provided a very musical sounding low end.”

The European leg of the Dear Girl tour wrapped up at the end of 2014. The Pharrell Williams team is currently gearing up for North American dates, which will also call upon Adamson sound reinforcement.

“I always wanted to tour with the Energia P.A.; I put it at Number One,” Hamilton concludes. “It is giving me everything that I expected and more. I’m looking forward to using it again.”

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