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Post-Production House SoundHound Adopts Latest HD Technology

Responding to its clients’ HD needs, SoundHound an audio post-production house in New York City, has added a new Panasonic HD D5 mastering deck to its arsenal. The new system allows SoundHound engineers to output to an HD master tape once the mix is completed, either in stereo or surround sound.

“SoundHound has always prided itself on progressive technology,” explains founder and president Jeff Berman, “so this was a no-brainer. We also chose to make the investment in permanently adding the D5 deck to our system so we could avoid the high cost of renting and passing that added expense on to our clients; it’s a very attractive feature for them and demonstrates our commitment to moving forward as their needs progress.”

The Panasonic HD D5 deck features studio quality HD mastering while providing non-compressed standard definition recording and playback. Its built-in HD-SD format converter allows for conversion between many formats, and lets users play HD and SD tapes and convert the output to the desired format, in either direction between SD/HD. It also provides aspect-ratio conversion and image adjustment.

“We jumped on the technology when one of our clients required it and we’re proud to be among the first facilities in New York City to make the purchase,” adds general manager Gail Nord. “With the growing HD market we plan to put the machine to good use.”

For more information, visit SoundHound at and Panasonic.