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Rain Recording Element Pro, Nimbus

Rain Recording Element Pro

Rain Recording has unveiled the Element Pro, the first in its Professional Quad Series of quad-core based Element digital audio workstations. The PQ1 ($3,799.95) and PQ2 ($4,899.95) models are based upon Intel’s Core 2 Quad processing technology, taking advantage of four physical processing cores with a combined level 2 cache of 8 MB for efficient real-time performance. The PQ1 is available with 32- and 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional, while the PQ2 only supports 64-bit Windows Vista.

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Rain Recording Nimbus AS1

Rain Recording has also introduced the Nimbus AS1 ($1,299.95) digital audio workstation. The base model comes standard with dual-core processing and dual SATA II hard drives. Nimbus features all-aluminum construction for keeping internal components passively cool and quiet, and sleek scissor doors. USB and FireWire ports provide easy access for audio peripherals and drive bays. The unit is upgradeable to 4GB of RAM, 2 terabytes of hard disk space and three PCI slots.

Nimbus ships with the Windows XP operating system and also supports Windows Vista at no extra cost. Nimbus AS1 is optimized to work with all popular audio hardware and software, including Pro Tools and Cubase.

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