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Hit’n’Mix Teases First DAW for Apple Vision Pro

Hit’n’Mix has announced its RipX DAW for the Apple Vision Pro headset, releasing a teaser video that depicts an immersive 3D audio workspace.

Hit’n’Mix’s proposed RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro.
Hit’n’Mix’s proposed RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro.

London, UK (February 23, 2024)—Consumers are quickly switching to immersive music thanks to streaming services like Apple Music, and now the process of creating that music may become immersive as well. Upstart DAW software company Hit’n’Mix revealed it is working on a version of its RipX DAW for the recently released Apple Vision Pro headset, bolstering the announcement with a teaser video that depicts an immersive 3D space for working with stems, tracks, individual notes, MIDI and more.

While RipX DAW has been around for some time, the upcoming Apple Vision Pro edition may well be the first DAW for the fledgling headset. Martin DAW, Hit’n’Mix CEO and the creator of RipX DAW, said in a statement that the new version “will also offer a completely new, interactive, compositional experience, giving users much more freedom to view and create music in their chosen surroundings.”

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The current version of RipX DAW treats all audio, whether it’s recorded live, MIDI or an existing stem, as fully editable notes; reportedly the AVP edition will take the same approach, separating instruments by distance to aid in identifying and working with them. Hit’n’Mix says its 3D UI will allow users to move around within visual representations of a track’s musical elements, allowing one to use a virtual keyboard, sample, edit, type and more.

Hit’n’Mix suggests users will be able to interact with musical elements within the DAW's timeline.
Hit’n’Mix suggests users will be able to interact with musical elements within the DAW’s timeline.

While Hit’n’Mix first became known for its stem separation software built around the proprietary Rip Audio format, the software evolved into a pair of DAWs that debuted in November, 2023—RipX DAW and a pro version, RipX DAW Pro. Incorporating a variety of AI music production processes, the DAW features AI-generated music access and refinement, stem separation, instrument replacement and more.

Currently, RipX DAW includes the brand’s audio separation and in-the-mix note & chord editor technology, allowing users to break down and customize output from AI Music Generators (integrated access with an AI music generation service is also onboard). Additionally, users can record using a MIDI/MPE/laptop keyboard, or microphone/audio input, lay down sounds extracted from existing audio, or use the built-in library. Various single-click automated effects are included as well to aid experimentation. The Pro edition includes all of the features and functionality of the standard version, but also sports advanced stem and AI Music Generator clean-up, among other features.

No timeline was given for when the Apple Vision Pro edition of RipX DAW will arrive, but it’s a safe bet its release will be watched with interest throughout the recording community.