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Russian University Invests in InnovaSon

The RUK university in Mytischi, just outside the Russian capital of Moscow, has recently taken delivery of an InnovaSon Sy48 digital mixing console for its new multipurpose venue.

The console was supplied and installed by StudiTech, InnovaSon’s Russian distributor, which, as well as the company’s distribution wing, also has a contracting department that offers engineering and acoustic design, installation, servicing, training and consultancy services.

The university venue is designed to be a multipurpose space that will stage concerts, conferences and A/V presentations, as well as acting as a TV bridge for videoconferencing with other university facilities in Russia.

“A standard Sy48 is delivered as a stand-alone unit with all of the I/O modules plugged into the back of the console,” says StudiTech’s Nikita Stepanov. “However, in this instance, we required more I/O modules than would fit into the available slots, so we simply added a local Mixbox to the package, which enabled us to increase the capacity of the console. We also supplied five custom stageboxes that are located under the stage, each of which is connected to a module in the Mixbox via a multicore. At a later date, we will replace the multicore with a single Cat-5 cable and distribute all the audio over EtherSound, but budget restraints wouldn’t allow us to do this in the first phase. However, this is another great advantage of the InnovaSon concept: It’s totally flexible, user-configurable, and we can upgrade cheaply and easily at any time. As soon as RUK is ready for EtherSound, we can have it done in moments for very little extra cost. It’s the ideal solution.”

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