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TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

TC Electronic is now shipping its Konnekt 24D ($625) audio interface. The 14-in/14-out FireWire interface includes an onboard DSP chip that allows for TC Electronic’s effects at every stage of recording. Konnekt 24D features two front panel inputs that combine TC Electronic’s new IMPACT (Integrated Mic Preamp Circuit Technology) mic preamps for studio use with true hi-Z guitar inputs. The design allows the unit to be used as a stand-alone mixer and effects processor.

Konnekt 24D has 14 inputs and outputs: two mic/instrument/line, two line inputs, four line outputs, eight ADAT and two S/PDIF (optical and coaxial) I/Os. Cubase LE software is included.

The Fabrik C channel strip and Fabrik R reverb from the PowerCore platform are built into Konnekt 24D and can be used while tracking or during mixdown. Flexible routing enables Konnekt 24D to monitor with effects without recording them and to route processed and unprocessed signals as simultaneous inputs to a DAW. Fabrik C and Fabrik R offer user interfaces using MINT (Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology).

In addition, Assimilator Konnekt is available as a free download for Konnekt 24D owners from Assimilator Konnekt is an equalization tool that was originally developed for PowerCore and “learns” the frequency curve of one piece of audio so that it can be applied to another audio file. It has been customized for Konnekt 24D for analyzing and copying EQ curves of individual instruments, voices or reference mixes.

TC NEAR (Network Expandable Audio Recording) makes it possible to stack up to four Konnekts together to obtain a greater amount of I/O and DSP effects channels. Multiple devices can be connected to the computer, and two musicians each with a networked Konnekt can monitor each other directly in real time.

Konnekt 8 ($375) shares the same basic architecture and feature set as Konnekt 24D, but has no built-in effects and fewer I/O options.

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