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Updates From UMass-Lowell And Kent State

Special Focus: Audio Education

As we went to press, exciting changes were are on the horizon for a couple more audio education programs. At the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Dr. Brandon Vaccaro took over William Moylan’s duties as Coordinator of Sound Recording Technology within the Sound Recording Technology program. Vaccaro, who joined the university in 2014, has a long, esteemed background in academia and engineering, and as a composer for TV and film. Moylan, who had served in his position since 1983, says he is pleased to pass the torch to a professor with a “deep skill set for administration and enough similarity of vision to my own to give consistency to the program… After more than three decades of directing the program, I will finally have time to pursue my research, writing and recording projects.”

Meanwhile, Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) has begun constructing a ground-up facility that will serve its Music Technology program, which operates out of a satellite campus in Stark County, about 25 minutes south of the main campus.

With an acoustical design by Threshold Designs, the new building is scheduled to be completed during the first week of February 2018, with consoles coming online the following week.

“The Studio A control room is designed around a 32-channel API Vision board,” says Ian Anderson, assistant professor of music at Kent State. “The tracking room will be larger than Studio B’s, but the control room is smaller because that studio serves our upper-division students and we limit enrollment in those classes.”

Studio B is to be based around an Audient ASP 8024 console, and both studios will take delivery of Barefoot Sound Masterstacks main monitors. Also included in the project will be rehearsal space, practice rooms, a percussion studio, and music production labs for computer-based projects.