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VIDEO: Sound for the Animated Feature Film ‘Luck’

Skywalker Sound-based team uses Foley as the anchor and design, effects and music to create the contrasting worlds of Good Luck and Bad Luck.

Oscar-winning re-recording mixer Gary Rizzo and Foley Supervisor Devon Kelley, representing an ace audio team based out of Skywalker Sound, sat down with moderator Tom Kenny to discuss the challenges and fun of working in sound for animation on the Apple TV+ film Luck at the ninth annual Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, held September 24 at Host Partner Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, Calif.

While offering plenty of credit to supervising sound editor Steve Slanec and sound designers Pete Horner and Josh Gold, Rizzo and Kelley talked about the director’s goal of having “choreography” built into the soundtrack, along with establishing contrast between the worlds of Good Luck and Bad Luck. 

The fun of working with sound in animation, they said, is that you get to use Foley to anchor the track, and effects and design to bolster the imagination. Music by John Debney, they added, was exceptional, and essential to establishing the rhythm of the overall track.

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Since its debut in 2014, Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television has provided a complete, multi-track schedule of programs, which includes the Mix Expert Panel Series, Composers Lounge, Sound Reel Showcase and multiple rooms of sponsor-based presentations, as well as exhibition space. The Apple TV+ panel took place in the Anthony Quinn Theater.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more video and audio recordings from Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, including the popular Composers Lounge Series, hosted by music journalist Lily Moayeri, and sponsor programming from Focusrite, Meyer Sound and others.