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AUDIO: Using Dynamic Parametric EQ to Tame Large-Scale Mixing Projects

Wholegrain Digital brings in top scoring engineers and music mixers to speak at Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV event

Scoring engineers and sound for film and television music mixers have some of the best ears in the business, and they tend to work on big projects, with instruments, orchestras and choirs a part of their daily lives. 

Duane Wise, founder and owner of Wholegrain Digital Systems, brought in some of Hollywood’s finest to talk about “Using Dynamic Parametric EQ to Tame Large-Scale Mixing Projects” for a lunchtime panel at  the ninth annual Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, held September 24 at Host Partner Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, Calif.

“Working on an orchestral-based score, which might also have a few virtual instruments, samples or even sound effects added in, can be a daunting challenge for a mixer,” says Tom Kenny, co-editor of Mix. “But there are ways for an engineer to clear up space so that the audience can hear every element as they’re supposed to. Duane has a great product, and he brings in top talent to talk about it. It’s a perfect example of the technology-based, but creatively inspired expertise that our sponsors bring to the event.”

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The title, description and expert panelists for the Wholegrain Digital Systems session are:

Using Dynamic Parametric EQ to Tame Large-Scale Mixing Projects

This panel session concerns using dynamic parametric equalization, manifest in the DynPEQ family of plug-ins, to allow the mixing engineer to produce better results faster.  In addition to its application to acoustic correction, DynPEQ can be used akin to an arbiter in large-scale mixes, modulating groups when the overall mix gets dense and competitive.  What’s more, the analog peak limiter in Quartet DynPEQ allows for extra headroom while avoiding distortion.

Moderator Barry  Rudolph

Panelists: Thor Legvold, Sonovo Mastering; Jason LaRocca, Scoring Mixer; Tom Marks, CAS, Re-Recording Mixer; Alfredo Pasquel, Music Editor, Mixer

Since its debut in 2014, Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television has provided a complete, multi-track schedule of programs, which includes the Mix Expert Panel Series, Composers Lounge, Sound Reel Showcase and multiple rooms of sponsor-based presentations, as well as exhibition space. The Wholegrain Digital Systems panel took place in the recently upgraded Burt Lancaster Theater.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more video and audio recordings from Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, including the popular Composers Lounge Series, hosted by music journalist Lily Moayeri, and sponsor programming from Apple TV+, Focusrite, Meyer Sound and others.