Allen & Heath Upgrades iDR Software Manager

Allen & Heath has launched the latest version of the Windows-based iDR Software Manager

Allen & Heath has launched the latest version of theWindows-based iDR Software Manager that configures iDR hardwarecomponents into an integrated audio distribution system. Version 3.3supports the new iDR-4 signal processor and PL-9 “hub”unit.

Version 3.3 provides the facility for custom SysNet and MIDI stringsto be programmed into patch settings, triggering the operation of SysNet or MIDI-compatible equipment such as a CD player, lighting oreffects unit, when a patch is recalled. Similarly, soft LEDs and logicoutputs can now be controlled by level sensing within a channel.

The software also enables functions such as inter-iDR paging andpatch recall to be controlled across the network in largerinstallations involving more than one iDR system.

The matrix has been updated with the inclusion of a dB value to thecross-point faders, enabling the user to set up audio levels moreaccurately, particularly when designing the system offline on a PC.

Further information and a free trial download of Version 3.3 areavailable at For more sound reinforcementproducts, visit