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Ashby Turns to Audient for VOs

Audient interfaces key to VO artist's studio

Norfolk, UK (May 8, 2018)—Recording for international clients like Costa, Microsoft, Clairol and Twitter from her home studio, voice artist Caroline Ashby has been using two Audient audio interfaces, iD22 and iD4, to capture parts for numerous TV commercials, game characters, radio promos, corporate training clips and children’s toys.

“I use my iD22 hooked up to my main computer in my studio. That’s my workhorse that sits on the desk next to me. I have another monitor in my recording booth and use the iD22 mixer software to control any levels or outputs I want to from within the booth,” she says, explaining her setup.

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“The -10 dB pad is really useful and I use it quite a lot, as it saves me from having to mess around with my levels too much when I go from, say, narrating a corporate e-learning script to singing a jingle. I just flick a switch, get in the booth and start singing, safe in the knowledge that I won’t be clipping. Then I flick the switch again and can usually go back to a regular speaking level without messing with the gain again.

“I also love that there are two inputs, so I can have different mics hooked up at the same time; I use a Neumann and a Sennheiser, both great mics that I use for different reads, and they’re both plugged in and ready to go.”

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Remote clients have been able to hear sessions live via the Audient audio interfaces as well, she says: “Using the mixer software for the iD22, I’ve been able to set up a mix-minus so clients can listen in to the session if they like and direct live. They get to hear exactly what the Audient hears, but the computer doesn’t record their voice, only mine—so useful.”

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