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Audio-Technica AT898

Audio-Technica expanded its line of lavalier microphones with the AT898 Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica expanded its line of lavalier microphones with theAT898 Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Microphone, which providesmaximum intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for lecturers,stage and television talent, and houses of worship. The AT898 is 5mm indiameter, operates on battery or phantom power and includes a completeaccessory kit.

The subminiature cardioid element is enclosed in a rugged,low-profile housing with internal construction to minimize noise fromhandling, clothing and wind. The microphone plugs into the includedAT8537 power module, which features battery/phantom power operation,switchable low-frequency roll-off switch and an integral XLR3Mconnector supplying a low-impedance balanced output. The accessory kitincludes three single and two double interchangeable mounts, clothingclip, viper clip, magnetic clip and two open-pore foam windscreens.

The AT898 comes with a carrying case that holds the microphone andaccessories. Wireless and unterminated versions of the microphone areavailable for use with Audio-Technica and other wireless systems.

Pricing includes: AT898 (wired), $299; AT898c (unterminated), $179;AT898cW (terminated for A-T UniPak™ wireless transmitters with4-pin HRS-type locking connector), $199; AT898cT5 (terminated for A-TU100 and Lectrosonics wireless with TA5F connector), $199; AT898cL4(terminated for Sennheiser SK wireless with Lemo connector), $249; andAT898cT4 (terminated for Shure wireless with TA4F connector), $199.

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