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Bruce Springsteen: Working on a Dream (Columbia)

It’s just another priceless collection of modern folksongs from the Boss and the musicians of the E Street Band. You’ve probably heard the title track, a celebration of the hope of the hopeless, an earnest power ballad that rings wonderfully true in the age of Obama. Other standout tracks include the adorable love song “My Lucky Day” and the beautifully crafted, shuffling “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Sounds on this album live somewhere between the pure sing-along folk of the Seeger Sessions and the righteous bombast of classic E Street records. The opening song, “Outlaw Pete” has the dark feel of the Tom Joad album. But everywhere is Springsteen’s earnest, honest voice—as a singer and a songwriter.

Must Play: “My Lucky Day”

Producer/mixer: Brendan O’Brien. Engineers: Nick Didia, Tom Syrowski, Toby Scott. Recorded and mixed at Southern Tracks (Atlanta, GA). Additional recording at Avatar (New York City), Clinton (New York City), Henson (Hollywood) and Thrill Hill Recording (NJ). Mastering: Bob Ludwig/Gateway (Portland, ME).

—Barbara Schultz