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Cain Takes on the Wild West with Waves

Composer mixes latest jazz trio album in surround.

Knoxville, TN (June 24, 2019)—Composer, performer, engineer, producer and filmmaker David Cain has been using Waves Nx—Virtual Mix Room over Headphones and Waves Nx Head Tracker for Headphones—to mix albums for his trio, Wertico Cain and Gray, which features seven-time Grammy-winner Paul Wertico from the Pat Metheny Group.

“Our most recent project, Without Compromise, is a live studio session of improvised music compositions which we recorded using vintage mics, including a U47 that belonged to John Lennon. We also captured an 8k VR 360 video of the session to put the viewer/listener in the middle of the studio, exactly seven feet from Paul, Larry and myself,” says Cain.

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“With Waves Nx, I was able to move confidently into the Wild West of surround, in that Nx enables hearing stereo, surround and ambisonic experiences. It’s a very powerful way to expand my workflow.”

He adds, “My studio reference monitors are an essential element in my work, but I love working on my Shure 1840 headphones because I can get immersed in the sonic experience and minimize outside interruptions or room noises. I like the perceptual and proximity effect of the Nx’s flow to experiment and embrace new ideas and technologies. With Waves’ Nx, I’m able to get into stereo and 3D space with my trusty Shure 1840s, and I like to use these headphones to fine-tune my mixes.”

Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room is a virtual monitoring plug-in that delivers immersive 3D audio on headphones. The plug-in recreates the acoustics of a high-end studio inside the headphones, and additionally enables the user to mix for 7.1, 5.1 or 5.0 surround on regular stereo headphones.

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“I have always loved to experiment and embrace new ideas and technologies,” says Cain. “Producers and engineers such as George Martin and Teo Macero pushed the envelope in amazing ways with the technology of the day. I’m trying to do the same with my music, mixes, videos, and Waves plug-ins. Nx puts me in the room(s) of my choice: stereo, surround or ambisonic.”

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