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Chiariglione to Give Keynote Address at October AES

The opening ceremonies of the AES 113th Convention, taking place October 5-8, 2002, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will feature a keynote address

The opening ceremonies of the AES 113th Convention, taking placeOctober 5-8, 2002, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will feature akeynote address by Leonardo Chiariglione, director of the MultimediaDivision of CSELT, the research center of Telecom Italia Lab.

Known to many as the “father of MPEG,” Chiariglione has been at theforefront of a number of initiatives that have helped shape mediatechnology and business as we know them today. Dr. Chiariglione’skeynote address will suggest that science can be a two-edged sword. Interns of data compression and encryption schemes, he argues, it is timethat emergent technologies enabled creative opportunities for thecontent world, rather that fixate on proprietary technologies designedto establish a monopolistic control of digital media-deliverynetworks.

Dr. Chiariglione also suggests that there are almost limitless newexperiences that users can have, but technology also presents severaldrawbacks to artists and publishers. There is an urgent need for theexploration of new foundations on which media supported by newtechnologies can reward artists, businesses and users, and Chiariglionewill share his views on how the development of technology can betterserve the audio and music communities.

Chiariglione is the founder of several audio technology initiatives,including the HDTV Workshop, an international event to promote HDTVtechnologies beyond specific industry interests; ImageCommunication, a EURASIP journal for the development of the theoryand practice of image communication; ISO Moving Pictures Experts Group(MPEG) standards committee; and of the Digital Audio-Visual Council(DAVIC), a body with the task of developing specifications of openinterfaces and protocols for media delivery.

From February 1999 to March 2001, Chiariglione was the executivedirector of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), amulti-industry group that developed specifications for secure digitalmusic delivery. He is the recipient of several awards, including LaureaHonoris Causa from the Technical University of Lisbon, the IBC JohnTucker Award, the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics award and theKilby Foundation award.

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