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CLASP 2 for yellow DOG

Nashville, TN (December 10, 2010)--yellow DOG studios in Austin, TX has installed a second Endless Analog CLASP system.

Nashville, TN (December 10, 2010)–yellow DOG studios in Austin, TX has installed a second Endless Analog CLASP system.

According to producer and engineer David Percefull, the first CLASP unit has been in constant use since it was installed in Studio One earlier this year, so the company has placed a unit in the newly constructed Studio Three.

Percefull, who moved into the facility, formerly known as 5AM, with partners producer-musician Ed Robinson and singer-songwriter Steven Todd Hudson near the end of 2009, reports, “Everything that I record hits tape through CLASP and goes to Pro Tools. I thought initially I would use it on occasion, if the client wanted tape.”

In planning Studio Three, the partners chose not to take the more traditional route of equipping a new mix room with a vintage console, different monitors, and so on. “We did things a little bit out of the box, so instead of doing that, we thought, why don’t we just mirror this control room? So we bought the exact same API 1608 console and set up a very similar monitoring scheme.”

With yellow DOG’s equipment complement now including both 16-track and 24-track MCI tape machines in addition to Pro Tools|HD2 with Apogee converters, a second CLASP unit was also a given. That makes a lot of financial sense, as Percefull explains: “The biggest impact has been in efficiency–I can get tones quicker. I go to mix and if stuff is recorded to tape, it’s just very forgiving and everything sounds good, whereas in the digital world you suddenly have five EQs ganged up and you’re notching this out and doing that to try to achieve a sound that is immediate with analog tape.”

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