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DiGiCo Releases V. 2 for D5 Live

Available as a free upgrade to existing D5 Live owners, Version 2 offers new user-interface improvements, four-worksurface networking, new security modes,
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Available as a free upgrade to existing D5 Live owners, Version 2 offers new user-interface improvements, four-worksurface networking, new security modes, more processing options and much more.

FOH and monitor consoles can now share inputs with optional gain-tracking, and can each connect via Ethernet to a second redundant "mirror" console. Used in this way, the "mirror’ desks copy all live show control, allowing fail-safe recovery with no audio loss. Security modes prevent accidental changes during a live show, with full up-to-date fail-safe recovery from nonvolatile memory. Thirty-two insertable processing channels are available with an extra slave card, while six graphic EQs (or three stereo) can be added to onboard FX slots 5 and 6. A new snapshot self-timing features allow automatic sequencing, and Relative Snapshots allow venue adjustments independently of scene changes. Current or master snapshots can be updated with a single button press, and the facility to update any other snapshot (replace) now has a confirm stage. The Input Channel Overview is now available on the master screen; "new session" arranges inputs horizontally across banks, not vertically.

All surfaces can change banks together by holding down a Bank button; outputs and control groups are highlighted onscreen when assigned to faders, and the fourth master meterbridge button state displays the upper-bank's meters. Routing buttons now show stereo/surround connections by all being down; disabled routing buttons distinguish between used and unavailable routes. Input routing displays a warning if a signal is already being used elsewhere, and a -10db switch has been added to all analog output routing views. The group feed buttons on input channels indicate mono/stereo/surround buses, while output inserts all have send gain and meter. Two solo buses are now available. Each channel or output can choose solo 1 or 2. The Aux Output Solo can assign aux sends to rotaries, as well as faders, and a Monitoring Delay on/off switch has been added to the Monitoring panel; a Monitor Master option switches off monitors when not soloing. There have also been various changes to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of the LCD buttons.

Other features include enhancements to mute groups, input channel delay, dB readouts, talkback sources, talk buttons, MIDI message editing and much more. DiGiCo director Dave Webster said, “We’ve spent the last year listening to the wonderful feedback we’ve had from customers around the world. A lot of these comments have been on the lines of ‘It’s wonderful, but wouldn’t it be great if…?’ Our response to that has been to implement the changes that people have asked for, along with many fresh ideas of our own. The result is the D5 Version 2 software, and the great news is that existing customers can update to it right now for free.”

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