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Equator Q Series Room Calibration Kit Ships

San Diego, CA (October 16, 2008)--Equator Audio Research is shipping its Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit. 

San Diego, CA (October 16, 2008)–Equator Audio Research is shipping its Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit.

Optionally available for all Equator Q Series studio reference monitors, the Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit automates the analysis and compensation of room response characteristics. The new kit aims to allow one to optimize the listening space for peak performance without requiring the experience of a certified acoustician.

The Room Analysis Calibration Kit includes the Equator Calibrated Room Measurement Microphone, a microphone clip, a windscreen, plus a flash memory drive that contains software installers for Windows PCs with either Windows XP or Windows Vista as well as a version for Mac OSX 10.4 or higher. The flash drive also includes a comprehensive PDF user guide as well as a Quicktime demonstration tutorial. The entire package is housed in a protective teakwood case.

All Equator Audio Q Series monitors use DSP technology designed to help mix engineers ensure their listening position is optimized for accurate monitoring. Each Q Series monitor comes with the Equator Control Software. Equator Control aim to let users manually compensate for a room’s acoustic anomalies and manually voice the speakers to the engineer’s preference. It also provides computer control of equalization, mute, solo and phase as well as the saving and recalling of preferred files.

Ted Keffalo, president of Equator Audio Research, commented on the kit. “Engineers need to feel confident they are hearing things correctly,” he said. “When they work in $1 million rooms, they have a comfortable level of confidence in what they are hearing. This software brings the ‘Million Dollar’ studio listening experience into the less-than-perfect working environment. Further, even in the finest-tuned rooms in the world, there are still reflection problems in front of the mixing console. With the included microphone, user guide and tutorial, the Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit is the perfect solution to the ongoing challenge of room optimization faced by audio engineers regardless of where they work.”

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