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Event Ships Studio Precision 6

The newest model in Event Electronic's Studio Precision Series, Studio Precision 6 (MSRP: $1,299/pair), is now shipping.

The newest model in Event Electronic’s Studio Precision Series,Studio Precision 6 (MSRP: $1,299/pair), is now shipping. The newhigh-end model utilizes a 6.5-inch mineral-impregnated,polypropylene-cone, low-frequency driver with a neodymium magnet, whichprovides exceptionally low-distortion characteristics, makes itstronger and provides it with a greater level of output efficiency.

The new LF driver is paired with a 1-inch, soft-dome, high-frequencyradiator (high-frequency driver) that creates a significantly expandedstereo soundstage as compared to the company’s previous designs. Italso features a neodymium magnet, and produces a broad, flat radiationpattern that doesn’t require corrective equalization, resulting in alarge sweet spot.

Low-frequency response is deep and quite accurate due to its duallarge-diameter linear-flow bass ports. The port design allows forexceptional low-frequency coupling into the room, low distortion andlow-frequency transient response.

The Studio Precision 6 sports a powerful amplifier that delivers 280watts per speaker (200 watts LF driver/80 watts HF driver). Theamplifier circuitry, which is custom-designed for the drivercomponents, features low-noise semiconductors and audio-grade filmcapacitors. A toroidal transformer powers the amp, resulting insignificantly reduced mechanical and electrical noise. The unit alsoincludes continuously variable low- and high-frequency trim controls, acontinuously variable input-sensitivity control and a switchable 80Hzhighpass filter, designed for use as a bass-management tool in surroundsound applications. For connections, both balanced XLR and 1/4-inchinputs are provided.

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