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Belgian Broadcast Producer Future-Proofs Home Facility

Steven Cauwenberg, a producer for Belgium public broadcaster VRT, has augmented his home studio with new gear.

Steven Cauwenberg
Steven Cauwenberg

Belgium (August 3, 2023)—Steven Cauwenberg, a producer for Belgium public broadcaster VRT, has added a Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 modular conversion system to his personal studio.

Cauwenberg’s facility, which he uses for podcasts, audiobooks, audio guides for museums and for recording and editing stage productions, is built around a Macbook M1 MAX. He also has a selection of outboard equipment from Cranesong, Universal Audio, Tube-tech and Bricasti Design.

Cauwenberg explains, “I was looking to replace my previous audio interface, so I took advice from Joystick Audio, a company I have turned to many times in the past when I’ve needed help with equipment purchases and after sales service. They recommended the ADA-128 and, after some research, I ordered the unit.”

Cauwenberg was also persuaded by the ADA-128’s modularity, he says. “With this unit, my home studio is future-proofed because I don’t have to build everything from scratch whenever I change my setup. The ADA 128 can simply be adapted to my future projects. Currently I have one AD line in card, one DA line out card, one AES card and a Pro Tools card, but I can easily expand that in the future, depending on my needs.”

Integrating the new Prism Sound ADA-128 into his studio required some re-cabling work, which was carried out by Jo Heijlen. Joystick Audio’s Diederik Van den Broeck took charge of connecting the device and showing Cauwenberg how to use it.

“I’ve been using the unit for a few weeks now and it fully meets my expectations,” he adds. “I am already considering expanding the device with a Dante card so that, in the long term, I can make a connection with a rehearsal room behind my house.”