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Half-ton Studios Makes a Weighty Decision

Half-ton Studios in Cambridge, an hour north of London, has installed a pair of PMC6 monitors.

Half-ton Studios owner Neil Rogers.
Half-ton Studios owner Neil Rogers.

Cambridge, UK (June 30, 2023)—Half-ton Studios in Cambridge, an hour north of London, is a purpose-built studio space with a large live room designed by acoustician Dr. Douglas Doherty. The space is flexible and designed for recording acoustic instruments and drums. Using acoustic gobos, it can also be adapted to provide smaller, controlled recording areas for vocals and voiceover work. Recently, the company installed a pair of PMC6 monitors.

The control room has also been designed as an acoustically accurate listening space and is equipped with a 24-channel Audient ASP8024 mixing console, Pro Tools and a range of analogue outboard equipment, microphones, instruments, amps and pedals.

According to studio owner Neil Rogers, “We looked at most of the options around this price point and were taken with the low-end extension and all-round clarity of the PMC6s. The onboard DSP options were also a selling point for us — and we liked the idea of using a company near to us with a good reputation for reliability and customer service.”

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Rogers decided to make the change when his previous monitors came to the end of their working life. “We also felt our old monitors didn’t suit our control rooms size and acoustics, so we needed an alternative,” he says. “What we like most about the PMC6 monitors is their low-end extension, which means we have more of a ‘full-range’ but still compact monitoring set-up now – without having to complicate matters using a sub.”

Rogers adds, “Fellow Half-ton engineer Matty Moon and I are really pleased with these monitors. They just seem like a great fit for our space. It feels much more satisfying getting artists into the control room to listen back to takes now as well. The biggest compliment I can pay these speakers is that I just don’t think about them. From the day we had them set-up we’ve just been able to get on with music production without questioning what we’re hearing.”