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Inside Sony 5020 Studios Madrid

Take a deep dive into Sony 5020 Studios in Madrid, Spain, which is a key part of Mix’s Recording Studio Class of 2024.

The sizable live room at Sony 5020 Madrid.
The sizable live room at Sony 5020 Madrid.

Madrid, Ciudad Lineal, Spain

Studio Design: Horacio Malvicino, Malvicino Design Group

Sony 5020 Studios Madrid is Spain’s largest recording studio, housed in a 20,000-square-foot, three-story building that was designed to be a European version of the famous studio located in Miami. It features production rooms, recording studios and large workspaces, as well as audiovisual and photographic content creation areas, leisure and relaxation lounges and event spaces.

The studio is divided into three thematic zones that are designed to serve multiple purposes, the first being a collaborative floor that includes a welcome hall; two composition, recording, and production rooms; a set for audiovisual and photographic shooting; different work areas; a meeting room; a coffee area; and a lounge for rest and relaxation.

The next zone is a premium floor that features two recording studios, each with an ISO booth; a media room that can be converted into a movie room; private rest and entertainment areas; a professional kitchen; and an 85-square-meter live room that can be transformed into a space for indoor events or a dining room for catering.

Finally, the rooftop third floor is for outdoor celebrations or for anyone needing a space to relax or create. This rooftop is nearly 500 open-plan square meters with a bar, a grill, a Josper oven, a covered pergola dining room and a stage for musical performances.

One of the main control rooms at Sony 5020 Madrid.
One of the main control rooms at Sony 5020 Madrid.

Though it opened in January 2024, 5020 Studio Madrid has been fully operational since November with the help of Sony Music. The studio represents the beginning of the 5020 Studios network, which includes Miami and Mexico City and plans to expand to other major global cities such as Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. The goal of the network is to create a global creative community that enriches and supports artists, musicians and creators. The facilities are designed to provide a conducive environment for artists, musicians, sound engineers, music producers and collaborators to meet and create together.

This project was co-directed by Sony Music Latin Iberia and Sony Music Spain, along with Malvicino Design Group for acoustic design and system integration, EZ Acoustics for project management, Zazar Architecture, Ribba Estudio for interior design, and Diego Acosra, project director for Sony 5020.