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GC Pro Brings The Noise

GC Pro aided musician/producer Alex Campos when established Noisematch Studios in Miami's Wynwood Arts District.

Westlake Village, CA (April 12, 2012)—GC Pro aided musician/producer Alex Campos when established Noisematch Studios in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.

“I did a lot of research on where to locate the studio and also dug into the gear—my business started with just a small project and it grew from there,” Campos notes.

Business has reportedly been booming, to the point where Campos has all the work he needs despite never having yet officially opened the studio to the public. Word-of-mouth has brought him business in almost every genre, and key clients have included Latin artists Alejandro Sanz, Luis Fonsi and Mexican recording artist Belinda.

Campos needed a space large enough to host a live room that could fit a big band or orchestra, as well as another multi-purpose room for rehearsals and special events. The studio’s current location, developed through 2011, is a building that was formerly an art storage and trading warehouse. Campos and his team emptied the space to start from scratch. GC Pro Affiliate program member Horacio Malvicino of the Malvicino Design Group provided acoustic design, and they ended up with a 2,500-square-foot live room (Noiseroom), three isolation booths and a main control room (Noiselab).

Campos notes, “To me, this room has the perfect balance; it’s not too dry or too tight. We can record anything in there and we are very happy with the sound. The room itself is very microphone-friendly. You don’t have to work too hard to get a great sound. If you place your mics well, it is kind of like plug-and-play.”

Over the course of developing the studio, Campos had regular contact with the team at Miami’s GC Pro location. His main contact was Dan Scalpone, GC Pro regional manager, South Central U.S.

Equipment included an SSL 24-channel Duality SE 24 console, Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity/10M combination for clocking and the Allen Sides-designed Ocean Way HR-2 Studio monitors, available exclusively through GC Pro.

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