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Gold Star Honors Gibbs With Exclusive Photos

The founders of Hollywood's legendary Gold Star Recording Studios will pay a special tribute to the memory of the late Maurice Gibb by posting on their

The founders of Hollywood’s legendary Gold Star Recording Studioswill pay a special tribute to the memory of the late Maurice Gibb byposting on their Website the firstof a series of historic, never-released photos featuring the late BeeGee taken during Gold Star’s final session before it closed in1984.

According to owners David S. Gold and Stan Ross, Gibb was the firstand only artist who ever received a tour of the studio’s historic echochambers that were the hallmark of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound.”

At the close of Gibb’s final session in February 1984, Gibb “told meabout he and his brothers lying in their beds in England, listening tosome of Phil Spector’s recordings and wondering how he got that sound,”Gold said. “He also tried to imagine what the echo chambers might looklike. Our hearts go out to Maurice’s family, friends and fans. We hopeunveiling these happy moments after all these years will provide somemeasure of comfort and help preserve the memory of a wonderful artistand human being.”

The photo is the first in a series that will be featured in Gold andRoss’ upcoming biography of the studio, The Gold Star Album,which will support an upcoming Broadway-style musical celebrating thestudio.