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IsoVox Drops Over-The-Top IsoPop 24K Gold Pop Filter

If you're recording vocals that are pure gold, now you can capture them through the IsoVox IsoPop 24K Gold—a 24K gold-plated pop filter.


Halmstad, Sweden (October 3, 2022)—Gold has always been an object of focus for music artists, from their desire to attain RIAA Gold Record awards to the bling they often adorn themselves with. Well, if they’re prone to record vocals that are pure gold, now they can deck out their microphone to match, with an IsoVox IsoPop 24K Gold—a limited-edition, 24K gold-plated, brushed aluminum pop filter.

Made in Sweden, the IsoPop 24K Gold ships with two exchangeable pop filters, and designed to work with any type of microphone, mounting directly on the microphone stand. Despite its glittery appearance, it is sold as a pro-level pop filter, designed to be sturdy and stay securely in place when clamped to a microphone stand, due to its extra-sturdy gooseneck and outer layer of soft skin. Designed with a non-intrusive (10 cm/four-inch) diameter, it helps make a vocalist or voice-over artist using it more visible to anyone watching them in action while making the user’s reading of lyrics or scripts somewhat simpler.

View From the Top: Mark Williams, RAD Global Distribution

IsoPop 24K Gold comes with a Neutral Pro Filter; for those troubled by harsher treble/sibilance it also includes an interchangeable De-Ess Pro Filter to soften the sound. Both filters are hygienic and washable.

The limited-edition IsoPop 24K Gold is available for purchase with a MSRP of $999.00 US.