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Immersion Networks Hires Ellis Sorkin

Immersive sound product developer Immersion Networks has hired industry veteran Ellis Sorkin.

 Immersion Networks Redmond, WA (November 10, 2021)—Immersive sound product developer Immersion Networks has hired Los Angeles-based veteran engineer Ellis Sorkin to spearhead the company’s outreach and support for their content creation services.

Sorkin will guide artists and labels seeking a solution to deliver immersive libraries from their legacy catalogs. Earlier in his career as an engineer for A&M Records, Sorkin worked with Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, Carly Simon, Joan Baez, Quincy Jones, Joe Cocker, The Carpenters and many others.

“Ellis will help us reach more creators and transform more great music into truly moving immersive experiences,” says Immersion Networks co-founder and CEO Paul Hubert. “As labels leap to create new immersive versions of their catalogs, Ellis is perfectly situated to accelerate our aspirations to become the world’s premier service for next-generation content creation.”

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As the founder of Studio Referral Service Inc., Sorkin leveraged his background to create a global booking agency for high-end recording studio facilities and associated real estate holdings. His knowledge of recording and of studios will serve Sorkin well in this role. “I’m excited to bring Immersion’s approach to labels and the artist community,” he says.

“Immersion Networks is providing a high-quality, mid-tier option that has the best processing in the industry and specifically meets the needs of labels and rights holders who need to get immersive recordings to DSPs,” Sorkin says. “Labels need to create an excellent immersive mix for a large number of tracks in their catalog without breaking the bank. At the same time, streaming services are clamoring for bigger immersive libraries. Immersion has created a best-in-breed platform and team that allows them to deliver the high-quality, customized services required by the industry at scale to meet the demands of the marketplace in this pivotal moment.”